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I never intended to write a book.

This book grew from a desire to tell my adult children something about my life and adventures. A pleasant, upbeat account. I came to the realization early on that for my story to be fully honest I needed to include the challenges I had faced too. That was a scary proposition because there were events in my life about which I hadn't told anyone. I decided that the only way to write was to tell the whole truth. And slowly a book was born.

Most folks knew I had spent time on Psychiatric Wards. But few knew what I struggled with. I told them I was dealing with Depression, which was partly true. And most of my friends and children knew I'd had a pretty rotten childhood. Still too many secrets.

My story took on a more somber tone as I wrote about childhood sexual abuse, multiple diagnoses of mental illness, self harm, suicide attempts. There were also events which felt too shameful to even find the right words. But I included it all, unless it would hurt someone with the telling. Those things I did leave out.

Truth is liberating and sometimes entertaining. There was a lot of fun and laughter too.

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