6 Ways to Have a More a More Positive Attitude About Your Life

6 Ways to Have a More a More Positive Attitude About Your Life

6 Ways to Have a More positive Attitude About Your Life

  1. Keep a Gratitude Journal. Sometimes we let a single negative event ruin our whole day. If we know this about ourselves, that our mind tends to hold on to negativity and let it color our whole day, we can intentionally focus on all the positives which happen each day. Write down 5 things each day we are grateful for that day.  Don’t cheat; actually write them down.  See how your attitude changes for the better.
  2. Look at Your Challenges differently.  There are actually only a few things we have control over.  What we can have control over is the amount of effort we make with each challenge we face.  Then there is no reason for regret.  We’ve done our best.  Try to see each challenge as an adventure.  Don’t resist the opportunity for growth.
  3. Accept that You will be Rejected.  See handling rejection as a skill.  Each time you are rejected as practice because nobody gets to travel through life without being rejected.  If we wait for negative things to happen, they will happen.  But you’ll miss all the good things along the way.  If you wait for the positive things to happen, they will happen.
  4. Breathe.  Our breath is directly connected to how we feel. Notice how our breathing changes depending on how we feel, for example we’re concentrating hard or are angry, anxious, excited, calm or scared. The good thing is that it works in the other direction too.  We  can change the way we feel depending on how we breathe.  Observe how you’re breathing when you’re calm and peaceful and recreate those feelings by how you breathe.  Breathe positiveness into your life.
  5. Make Someone Else Smile.  Set a goal for each day to make someone else smile or laugh.  A smile can be a gift to bestow on someone.  There is an immense impact our attitude and expressions have on other people.  Most people don’t realize just how much a smile or a kindness can strongly affect another person.  If that person is having a rough day, that smile or act of kindness can affect that other person for an hour, a day or even something  that the other looks back fondly years later.  I recently sent an email to a author who showed me an act of kindness when she didn’t have to, maybe 2 years ago, and I was struggling with whether or not to continue writing. She was a fiction writer and I was not but she still took the time to help a frazzled writer recover her purpose and drive.   I don’t expect she’ll remember me but maybe my email will make her smile.
  6. Use Positive Words to Describe Your Day, your year, your life.  The words we choose to use have a lot more impact than we think.  How we talk about our life will have a lot more impact than we think. How you talk about your day or your life is how that time will become.  If you describe your life as busy, overworked, boring, tiring or anxious, that is how you will perceive your your day or life in your mind and feel it in your body.  If you use words like happy, familiar, lively, full of joy or comfortable to describe your day or your life, you will see your life or your day in a whole different way.  You will find more enjoyment in your day and ultimately perhaps in your whole life.

Some things to think about. The power of words

Watch the words you think and say this week and see if they make a difference in your relationships with yourself or others.

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