7 Reasons Cat Ownership Can Help You Heal, Mind and Body

7 Reasons Cat Ownership Can Help You Heal, Mind and Body

I know for me, having a cat during the difficult times of my life has been like having a member of an extended family living with me.  An unconditional friend.  A perfect listener. A welcome companion.

It’s long been known that the purring lump of kitty in your lap is more than merely a furry hot water bottle.

  1. Cats can be  a valuable part of your support system in times of loss.  People in mourning have reported that talking to their cat helps them cope with and process their feelings of loss.
  2. Cat owners are smarter.  A 2010 survey of British pet owners found that people who owned cats were more likely to to have College Degrees than their dog-loving counterparts.  In 2014 a researcher in Wisconsin found that cat owners were actually more intelligent.  I feel smarter already.
  3. Cats are good for your heart, possibly because they are lower maintenance than dogs, they lower the amount of stress for the cat owner.  Petting a cat has a significant calming effect on its owner.  Cat owners were found to be 30% less likely to die of a stroke or a heart attack than non-cat owners.
  4. Cats can be a vital part of your support system.  An Austrian study in 2003 found that having a cat in the home is the emotional equivalent of having a romantic partner.  As well as initiating contact often, studies have shown cats remember kindness to them and then return the favor.
  5. Cats can tell you much about your personality.  While dog lovers tend to be the life of the party, cat owners tend to be quieter and more introverted.  However, cats score higher on how trustworthy they are and how much they trust other.
  6. A cat’s human will have a better night’s sleep.  Several studies in the UK have found that people (especially women) prefer to sleep with their cat rather than their partner, and 41% report they sleep better because of their cat; only 20% reported sleeping was more difficult with their cat.
  7. Cat ownership can mean fewer allergies.In 2002 the National Institute of Heath found that children under a year old to a cat were less likely to develop allergies. not just cat allergies.  Apparently those children are less likely to be affected by other allergies as well.

Kathy Benjamin and Austin Thomas wrote in “Mental Floss” an excellent article about the scientific benefits of being a cat owner.  I have borrowed from it liberally, with Thanks.


It’s a lot of good evidence that a cat lazily stretched out in front of the fireplace may be better than something pretty and sensual to look at.  It can be a valuable addition to the family no matter how big or small the family.

I know my cat is sitting patiently waiting to jump up into my lap so we can enjoy each other’s company,  so I’d better go.

If you have a cat story to share I’d love to hear it.

Goodbye for now,


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