About The Author

About The Author


My book is an autobiography, so I'll attempt to condense my life into a few paragraphs.

I grew up 20 minutes from New York City and I took advantage of all the fun a large city had to offer. I left home weeks after graduating from college and moved all the way to British Columbia.


I was sexually abused as a young child and grew up with a sexually inappropriate Father. But we shared fun things too. Dad was skilled at art, music, writing and playing with words. I inherited a passable amount of skill with each.

I struggled with mental illness through most of the next 4 decades as memories of my childhood emerged and were confirmed. I was one of the walking wounded, but I lived a more or less normal life through those times as well. I worked. I did a lot of counseling and group facilitation. I had a husband, two sons, three cats and a brand new car on just my credit alone. My mental illness was under control, but then I lost my job, I lost my husband, and I lost my mind.

My story is one of a childhood dealing with sexual abuse, an adulthood struggling with mental illness and, ultimately, finding a way to heal and thrive in spite of both of those challenges.

I have not, however, forgotten how to laugh!