Taking a Leap of Faith

Taking a Leap of Faith


If you have already taken a look at my website, you already know I never intended to write a book.  In fact I was ill-equipped to write anything other than a personal letter or a term paper.

Oh, I had written lots, most notably writing in a journal.  And I’d had excellent early training in the structure of the English language. e.g. how to write a coherent sentence and paragraph.  However I’d never taken a single course in creative writing.  I tried writing poetry a few times but I was no writer and never aspired to be one.

Then I decided to write  some stories down for my children about some of my adventures and otherwise ill-spent youth.  At some point I realized that what I was writing was going to be more than a handful of pages long. I had to decide to make a decision.  The large file cards I was using for a first draft were piling up.  Could I possibly write a book?  Could I?

 After all…I knew nothing of plot or character.  Nothing of dialogue or story arc.  I’d

read lots, but the books I read were often written by folks with Master’s Degrees in

Creative Writing or English Literature or some such.  Some people had studied for

years and practiced their craft for years as well.  And here I was foolishly

contemplating writing a book.  But I kept on writing.  I took a leap of faith

And a week ago I checked on Amazon and there was my book along with my name.  I felt a punch in my stomach of exhilaration and disbelief.  I had jumped as high as I could and miracle of miracles I landed somewhere I never dreamed possible. And it felt so good.


Have you ever taken a leap of faith?


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