What do you Want to Read About?

What do you Want to Read About?

If you have read my book or my biography on this website, you already know that I was a victim of child sexual abuse and that I also struggled with mental illness for many years.  One other problem I faced was an addictive personality.  On the other hand, I also worked thirty years off and on as a counselor and group facilitator.

I’ve spent a lot of time this week thinking about what I want to write about in my posts.  I don’t want to ramble on about what I had for breakfast.  You and I would both become bored before too long.

I have four (probably more) topics I know a fair amount about:

1, Childhood Sexual Abuse.  Even though I wouldn’t  confirm the extent of the abuse until I was an adult, I knew something was wrong with the things which were happening to me as a child.  I was being told not to tell anyone so I got very good at keeping secrets.  Keeping secrets was to become a theme running well into my adulthood.

2. Mental Illness. I wasn’t treated for Depression until my late teens.  Since then I’ve learned lots about being an effective crazy lady.  Multiple psychiatric ward stays will do that to a person.  In my later years I  became an advocate for my own mental health and that of others.

3.  Addiction: I think I’ve bounced from one addiction to another most of my whole life, sometimes more visibly than others.  As a teen I lost myself in the world of making music.  Later would come alcohol and drugs, exercise and Ebay, work and parenting.  I even got addicted/obsessed with a number of individual people over the years whose life paths intersected with mine.  As you can see, some of these addictions were of healthy things when not carried to extremes so that they got in the way of a full life.

4. Being a counselor/group facilitator: Perhaps the reason I wanted to become a counselor was to help myself.  I don’t know.  But I do know that when I was able to work it was most often as a counselor or group facilitator.  I have worked with every age group from pre-teens to Seniors, from multi-handicapped children and their families to women in abusive relations to groups of 25 women daily for 6 months.

And so, dear reader, I am asking you for some feedback.  What do you want to read about most?

There’s a place for feedback on the Contact page.

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